Please Note: HockeyStats 3.0 is currently not in development and there are no plans to create a new version.

GIG List 3.2 LogoHockey Stats 3.0 was a full fledged hockey statistical system developed in 2004 by DNI Web Design when such websites didn't have this capability or were just coming into existence.  Primarily developed for use on the North Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (NSJHL) website and it's teams website.  Two teams, the Tri-Town Thunder (now Carrot River Outback Thunder) and the Big River Timberkings (now defunct) actually used the system to display their schedules and statistics as the other teams did not have websites at that time.

The system worked by creating the team list then as the games finished by entering the final game sheets into the system that night.  From there it would add or update players, update the team standings, update goalie statistics, the night's score updates and much more and distribute that to the other website.