Please Note: GIG List 3.2 is no longer available for download and is no longer supported.  Development on GIG List is currently suspended.

GIG List 3.2 LogoGIG List 3.2 is stand alone PHP software allowing artists/bands, venues, event coordinators, etc... to maintain a list of upcoming events and display them on a website.  Developed originally in 2003 in response for the local band and friends Final Warning to update their upcoming gigs on the website we created themselves (and can be attributed to the creation of our Dynamic Site Manager) we felt that many other bands could use this feature and thus we released it under a free-to-use license.

GIG List 3.2 also featured GIG XML which if made available to other websites, could read an XML feed generated by GIG List 3.2 to allow them to syndicate the event list in real time.  Changes made to the primary event list via GIG List would automatically be read via XML and updated on the syndicated site.

When the project was suspended GIG List in total had achieved 10,000 downloads worldwide and has been used in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and many other countries.  There are still a few select websites out online still using GIG List 3.2.  We never predicted it would be so successful but people from all around loved the ease of use.  Development on a new version of GIG List has been thought of but actual development has been suspended as of 2016.