The Dynamic Site Manager (DSM) is a full featured CMS system built by DNI Web Design.  The first version was created in 2003 and has slowly been upgraded with more features, responsive face and more details put into it.  The DSM is only available on website we develop due to it's complex structure and ability to fit any need we have for it.  Our clients are issued a licence to use the software for as long as we're the developers.  We have recently spend a few years upgrading our system to the newer version (5.0) which our website here uses right now.

Our specific version of the DSM does the standard webpage editing, menu editing, but also has the added features of clients and invoicing. The invoicing feature allows creation of PDF invoices which can be e-mailed directly to the client. Then you can register payments made from client.  All of this ties into the front end for our clients to view their invoices, pay online via PayPal or Card on File.  We also have plans to expand it to sell our software online via an online storefront and to expand a help ticket system.

When you're discussing your potential website with us please mention that you're interested in the DSM system and want control of your website. Extra features can always be added, specific to your needs. If you would like more information please contact us.