Here at DNI Web Design we have a diverse range of services, of course the primary being website development.  We have been developing websites since 1999 of all types and sizes.  Having also developed various PHP Software applications that have been used all around the world we are well established and good at what we do!
Besides websites we also do some publishing and printing depending on the needs of our clients.  We can design your business cards and get them printed in high quality.  Not only that we can do photo printing and simple editing, poster design and a whole lot more!!

One of our newer services includes ID Card printing.  We can print, in house, CR-80 30mil Plastic ID Cards.  These cards are the size of a credit card and great for employee identification cards, membership cards, lifetime passes, etc...  We design and print them giving a quick turn around time for a small amount of cards.  If you require a lot of cards (like a large membership base) give us an e-mail and we can discuss your needs!!

We are also developing a card management program that will allow us, along with you, to manage membership cards.  The management program will be hosted on our website and is in the basic design stages at this time.

We have also partnered with web hosting company to provide cheap and reliable website hosting which we manage.  The web servers are located in Saskatchewan, Canada and are just waiting for your website.

Please take a look around and send us an e-mail and we can discuss your needs!!  We look forward to hearing from you!!