Humboldt Broncos Tribute

Project Description

On April 6, 2018, sixteen people were killed and thirteen injured when a westbound semi-trailer truck struck a northbound coach bus near Armley, Saskatchewan, Canada carrying the Humboldt Broncos team.  Most of the casualties were from the team but also included the driver of the bus who was from Carrot River, SK.  Carrot River is approximately 20 minutes away from the scene of the accident.

Having traveled that intersection millions of time (and still do) and knowing Glen Doerksen and serving with him on the Tri-Town Thunder Board of Directors I created this small online memorial for those lives lost and those that live on.  Hockey is a large part of my life (from my father playing Junior B., to me playing minor hockey, to now me being involved behind the scenes with our local Junior B. club) and could have easily been our team with me on the bus on a road trip.  This is the least I could do and hope it lives on.

Music: Donna Taggart - Jealous of the Angels

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    Humboldt Bronco Tribute