Public Works Identification Card

Project Description

More and more strange people are moving to town, who when it comes down to it, may not know me or that I work for the town..  or anyone else that I work with perhaps.  My job in the public works department sometimes require us to enter peoples homes to access various aspects, usually, if we show up randomly it's to check or change out the water meter in the basement.  Most times people don't question us for a few reasons (our truck says Town of Carrot River, I'm holding a new water meter in my hands, we're wearing bright yellow coats, etc...).  Just the same, the public works foreman asked me to look into getting us ID cards.  Feeling this was lacking in the area DNI Web Design purchased a card printer and created the ID cards, which are renewed on a yearly basis.

  • Skills
    • Design
    • Photoshop
  • Client

    Town of Carrot River