Project Description

When my sister got married I took the opportunity to design a website that made managing RSVPs and guests easy and simple.  The website featured all the important aspect, like when and where and allowed guests with invitations to RSVP.  Depending on which code was on your invitation was whether you got to RSVP for the dinner and banquet.  The website featured a backend system that allowed my sister to enter those who responded either by mail, phone or text into the system so she could keep an accurate count of attending and not-attending guests.

The location and map page featured an interactive Google Map that had unique icons to the location of the events, such as the ceremony (at Pasquia Regional Park), the supper and dance, and the gift opening (located at Jon's parents farm).  Of course we donated the website to my sister at no charge as a gift. :)

  • Skills
    • Backend
    • Design
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript
    • MySQL
    • Photoshop
    • PHP
  • Client

    Jon & Jocelyn Schmitt