Project Description

My sister was getting married!!!  In order to save money, she let me design the invitations.  She had an idea of what she wanted (the purple transparent paper on the orange background), but she let me do what I want concerning the design and text of the invitation.  The flower pattern I designed to be in the corner and the text all laid out.  There were two versions of the invitations for guests, one with dinner details and one without as well as each group had their own "invitation code" in order to RRSVP on the website (which we created as well).

We then were able to get the designs photocopied onto the transparent paper as this was the only way the ink would stay.  Printing them just smudged.  In the end, they turned out very beautifully indeed.

  • Skills
    • Design
  • Client

    Jon & Jocelyn Schmitt