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Project Description

Being a designer for published documents for the Town of Carrot River since 2006, The Town of Carrot River contacted us in the fall of 2012 to bring their website back into the 21st century.  The main design had not changed since 1997 with staff doing minor editing changes to some of the content.  The first step of the process was to register a "municipal reserved" .ca domain name, which required the mayor and administrator giving us approval to register the domain name.  Once we had that we could start the process of leaving the old domain extension which has been discontinued (current websites using it were still active, but you cannot register a new domain with that extension).

We then created a beautiful clean website and expanded our current CMS system (Dynamic Site Manager or DSM) to fit their needs and allow administration staff to maintain the website at their leisure.  We also expanded the website to include a "sub-site" for the Carrot River & District Recreation Board at  The DSM also allowed public works to track water meter installations and automatically submit the changes to the office, among other features.

In 2016 the Town wanted to once again upgrade their website.  With the explosion of mobile users we created a new responsive design for the municipal website.  The Town also started a tourism & branding campaign which branded themselves as SASKATCHEWAN'S OUTBACK.  With this we created a new tourism/visitor website, a municipal website and kept the current recreation website.

The DSM was once again upgraded to include access to update the Saskatchewan's Outback page and give more features for the municipal website.  We also added a special council members only area so council members could prepare for meetings and access files before the meeting to prepare. The area is password protected and the administrator can add and remove council members using the CMS system.

What the future holds with DNI Web Design and the Town of Carrot River time can only tell.

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    Town of Carrot River